The secret of the balancing stones of San Bernardino

In a mountainous area on the outskirts of the American city of San Bernardino in California, a real geological mystery was discovered. A few kilometers from the highway connecting Los Angeles with Las Vegas, scientists stumbled upon clusters of cobblestones frozen in unexplained positions. This mysterious place is located right above the San Andreas transform fault between the North American and Pacific lithospheric plates.
Professor Lisa Grant, who works at the University of California Irvine, told her colleagues about the nature miracle at a regular meeting of the American Seismological Society. According to her, these balancing stones are baffling scientists. Despite earthquakes, torrents and winds, the cobblestones continue to stand on the ground or on top of each other in the most incredible positions, as if they are attracted to each other by some invisible force.
Grant notes that stones holding acrobatic balance can be found around the globe, and this is not surprising. Meteorological and geological forces destroy and wash the rock around them, because giant boulders assume an unusual position, balancing on the ground or other stones. However, even the smallest earthquake easily overturns these natural monuments. For this reason, in places with seismic activity, balancing stones are never encountered. However, over San Andreas, where strong earthquakes are as frequent as the rains in the tops, the cobblestones continue to stand as if nothing had happened, simply ignoring the laws of nature.
Conducted research shows that the striking stones in San Bernardino are in this position for eighteen thousand years! As they still have not fallen, they cannot determine the best minds of the planet. Modern computing is also powerless here. Many of the balancing boulders, by the way, you can easily shake hands, but they still do not overturn, always returning to its original position.
Researchers of various paranormal phenomena assert that in the case of the San Bernardino stones, the same laws unknown to us still exist, according to which individual boulders for some reason behave like conscious beings, and possessing a certain power and strength. For example, they may not obey the will of man, stubbornly remaining in their place (this is especially true of the holy boulders). And when people persist, stones easily punish them for this stubbornness.
The same can be said about the so-called wandering stones of tenants, which are able to move on their own, while not only violating the laws of attraction, but also clearly demonstrating consciousness and even some unknown force. So near the city of San Bernardino, most likely, one more living and powerful stones were found, set here either by gods or by Mother Nature itself …