Beach holidays in Santa Barbara

The urban beaches of Santa Barbara are popular with tourists and locals. On the coast is always quite crowded, but until ten in the morning you can enjoy a holiday in relative solitude.
Despite the cool ocean breeze, in the summer season, from April-May to October, while in the sun, you should not forget about sunscreens and hats. The water temperature during the year ranges from 16 to 19 ° C, but in the summer months it can rise to 21 ° C in shallow waters.
On the Santa Barbara coast, in the sand and at the bottom, there is a small amount of tar due to natural factors and pollution of the environment and the ocean with oil products. That is why the shoes are generally better not to take off, even going to swim. Particles of sticky resin are well washed off with olive oil, but it is better to avoid contact with hair and clothes. The amount of tar on the beach depends on wind and currents. The greatest concentration is observed between the beaches of Goleta and El Capitan, north of Santa Barbara.
The wide sandy beach of East Beach is located in the central part of Santa Barbara. On the coast there is a restaurant, play areas for children, a volleyball court and water sports equipment rental, as well as rollers and bicycles. Concerts are held on Saturdays and Sundays on West Beach. There is a small parking area near the coast, but as a rule, it is quite difficult to find an empty place in the afternoon. Resting with children, it is important to remember about their safety: the lively Cabrillo Blvd trail passes near the beach.
West Beach is located near the city’s yacht club. This is not the most beautiful beach in Santa Barbara, but suitable for water sports. And to meet here the tourists who prefer to lie on the beach, taking sunbathing, is unlikely to succeed; West Beach is a favorite place for athletes and surfers. The beach has excellent conditions for beach volleyball and football, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. From the coast you can admire yachts and boats entering the port.